Online Business 5 Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Creators to Make Money Online
5 OnlyFans Alternatives to Make Money Online

5 Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Creators to Make Money Online

OnlyFans is one of the leading exclusive content creation platforms, exploding into popularity in 2020. Its ease of access for creators and fans alike has made it a popular choice for content creators who aim to create an income online. 

However, alternative platforms have sprung up after the platforms rise, whilst others have existed before OnlyFans came into the mainstream eye. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best alternative platforms to OnlyFans for content creators who want to make money online.

1. Fanvue


Fanvue is a social media platform for content creators that is based in the UK but with a global reach and greater focus on discoverability and income creation for its users. The platform is geared towards all kinds of content creators, from gamers, music artists, and influencers to adult content creators, personal trainers, and lifestyle bloggers.

The platform lets users create a social feed with photo, video, and text updates which fans can access for a monthly fee. Creators can also make an income through tips and selling content directly to fans on the site.

When it comes to fees, users keep 85% whilst Fanvue takes 15% which is lower than platforms like OnlyFans which take a 20% cut of a creator’s earnings. The tipping limit on Fanvue is also higher with fans being able to tip their favorite creators up to $500, which is over twice as high as the $200 max tip limit on OnlyFans. If you plan to provide Pay-Per-View Content and want to make more money from tips, Fanvue is a great alternative to OnlyFans.

Fanvue’s stand-out features include its discoverability feature which works in a similar way to Instagram’s discover page. Here, users can see short promotional videos from the different creators on the platform. It’s essentially free promo for creators and makes it easier for them to gain their first fans on the site.

Creators also have a vault where they can bulk upload content at once for future posts on their content feed. This makes it simple for users to pre-plan content in advance, which in turn makes it easier to be more consistent with posting content for their fans. 

Fanvue is also working on a feature that will allow users to mint and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to their fans. They’re also working on implementing crypto payments so fans can pay using crypto and creators can withdraw their earnings to a personal crypto wallet.

Additional stand-out features include the ability to suggest new features for the platform as well as prioritized customer support with a dedicated help center and live chat for quicker support with issues.

2. Fansly


Fansly is a popular alternative platform to OnlyFans for online content creators. It shares many similarities with its competitor, including charging fans a monthly fee for access to a creator’s content feed, as well as video and picture posting options.

Similar to Fanvue, Fansly takes a 15% cut of a creator’s earnings with is lower than the 20% taken by OnlyFans. Unlike Fanvue and OnlyFans however, Fansly is geared specifically towards adult content. 

So if you plan on posting anything to do with music, lifestyle blogging, fashion or cooking, etc. this may not the site for you. However, if you plan on providing adult content for your fans, this is a good alternative to OnlyFans.

Fansly’s stand-out features include a payout with cryptocurrency feature. This allows creators to withdraw their funds using one of the supported cryptocurrencies on Fansly, however, this feature is only available in select countries. Currently supported cryptocurrencies on Fansly are Bitcoin (BTC), as well as Binance USD (BUSD), DAI, Liquid BTC, Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC) on the ERC-20 network.

Fansly also has subscription tiers for users on the platform. These tiers are known as followers and subscribers. Followers can follow a creator’s account for free without paying the monthly fee. On the other hand, subscribers follow the creator’s page and pay the monthly fee. Content creators can use this feature to their advantage by posting “taster” or preview content for followers, whilst making the main content only available for subscribers. This can work as a funnel to work Fansly followers up the chain into paid subscribers.

Creators on Fansly can send adult photos to their fans with emojis or text covering specific parts of the photo. Fans can then pay to remove these stickers and see what’s behind them. This is another feature that can help creators make more money on the platform by taking the initiative and spiking a fan’s interest.

3. FanCentro


FanCentro is another premium social media site similar to OnlyFans that allows fans to subscribe to their favorite creator’s content feed. This platform is geared mainly towards adult content, so if you’re a music artist, chef, or fitness trainer, this may not be for you. On the other hand, if you’re an adult content creator this could be a good choice due to its centralized focus.

FanCentro has been around since 2017, a lot longer than most of the newer OnlyFans-inspired social media sites that have cropped up over the years. When it comes to fees, FanCentro takes a 20% cut from the creators’ earnings. This is the same as the 20% cut taken by OnlyFans and higher than the 15% cut taken by Fanvue and Fansly.

Like the previous platforms mentioned on this list, fans sign up and pay a subscription fee to view a creator’s profile. Creators can post photos, videos, and text content. They can also make some of their content free to view. Creators can monetize their profile by selling access to their content view (to view videos and photos) or sell video clips directly, as well as sell content via DMs, receive tips, and go live with fans.

Standout features for FanCentro include subscription offers with perks. For example, creators can charge for access to their content feed and include perks such as access to their premium social media (i.e. premium Twitter subscription). Additional perks that creators can add include extra special items like pieces of clothing, free photos, clips, etc.

Additional standout features for FanCentro include video tutorials for creators and a migration feature for users who are coming over from OnlyFans. With this feature, a creator can sign up to FanCentro and their team will migrate all of their OnlyFans content onto their FanCentro profile. This removes the strain of having to manually re-upload your previous content onto a new platform.

4. MYM

mym fans

MYM (or MYM Fans) is a social media platform similar to OnlyFans, where users can sign up and pay to view their favorite creator’s content feed. All types of content can be posted on the platform, from fitness and gaming to lifestyle blogging, cooking, and music. Whilst adult content is allowed on the platform, it seems to be geared more towards pushing and promoting non-adult content creators such as models, music artists, cooks, etc.

When it comes to fees, MYM takes a 25% cut from whatever a creator makes on the site. This is higher than the 20% charged by OnlyFans and the 15% charged by Fanvue and Fansly. MYM also charges 20% for private media and 10% on tips. There is also a 7% bank charge before the platform takes its fee.

Standout features on the platform include creators being able to offer personalized content to their fans. This works by fans sending requests to creators who can either accept or reject the request. For example, a fan could ask for a custom-made recipe, a custom video, or a custom picture.

When it comes to private, paid-for content, other platforms usually hide the preview image completely, however, MYM blurs the preview image instead. This gives potential fans an idea of the content they could gain access to if they subscribe, which is an interesting way of enticing new subscribers to your page.

Another interesting feature with MYM is the push media feature which allows content creators to send price-locked media to both current and former subscribers. This makes it possible for creators to make money by offering Pay-Per-Vier content as well as potentially encouraging old subscribers to buy your media or even re-subscribe.

5. Patreon


Patreon is an online membership platform where creators choose a platform plan and create different membership tiers for their fans to subscribe to. For example, a creator can have 5 tiers, each with different prices and additional perks for higher-priced plans. Fans pay a recurring, monthly membership fee to retain the membership benefits which include access to exclusive content.

Patreon does not allow adult explicit adult content, however, nudity is allowed and must be indicated as so, since the platform is geared more towards the mainstream audience. If you’re into more mainstream content creation, Patreon is a good choice, but if you are into adult content it may not be the best.

When it comes to fees, Patreon charges between a 5-12% cut of the creator’s earnings, depending on the plan they’ve chosen. For the “Lite” plan they take 5%, for the “Pro” plan they take 8%, and for the “Premium” plan they take a 12% cut. In addition to these fees, Patreon charges processing and payout fees that can only be seen from within your account dashboard. It most likely evens out to around 15-20% in total.

Patreon’s standout features include membership tiers which allow you to cover a wider range of fans across different financial brackets. Other interesting features include analytics and insights plus creator workshops for the Pro plan. The Premium plan gives creators access to a dedicated partner manager, coaching, and support as well as the ability to sell merchandise.

Patreon is mostly popular with YouTubers who have already built up a dedicated following, allowing them to make additional passive income by offering exclusive perks and access to exclusive content. This platform is also easier to promote on social channels since the link can be placed directly in your bio without having to use a service like LinkTree to host the URL.


Are you ready to start making money online as a content creator? If you’re looking for an alternative to OnlyFans, choose one of the platforms above and get started! Don’t know which one to pick? Well, Fanvue is a good start for an all-purpose platform. If you want to focus only on adult content, Fansly is another good choice with low fees.

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