About us

Online business resources & services to help you build a profitable business.

Our mission

At HomeGrown Income we make it easy for anyone to start and grow an online business.

We believe that with the right information and the right resources, anyone can build their dream business, whether it be from home, a co-working space or university.

Online business blog

Our online blog is a good place to start if you’re looking for business inspiration, step-by-step tutorials and video walkthroughs.

We publish guides on subjects including starting an online store, improving sales, marketing, buyer trends and product research.

Shopify setup & design

If you plan on starting a Shopify store, or you already own one, our Shopify setup & design service is perfect for you.

We’ll create a professionally designed & optimized store, allowing you to focus on growing your business, whilst we deal with the technical side.

WordPress design

WordPress allows more freedom and flexibility when building an online store, perfect for business owners who need a more complex online shop or simply prefer using WordPress.

Our WordPress design services will provide you with a fully optimized and professionally designed WordPress website for your business.