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Does Fanvue Work As A Better Alternative to Fansly?

OnlyFans and Fansly are currently two of the most popular online platforms for content creators. However there’s a new sheriff in town, Fanvue, the recent social media startup that is positioning itself as a serious competitor to existing platforms.

Is Fanvue a better alternative to Fansly and other sites like OnlyFans and AVN Stars? Read on to find out.

What Is Fanvue?

Fanvue is a social media website for content creators that launched during lockdown in late 2021. The platform is headquartered in the UK but the website is global and it uses US dollars for transactions.

Creators can create a premium social feed which fans can view for a monthly fee. Your feed can include photos, videos and text updates for your fans.

Fanvue also allows creators to make money through tips and selling content directly on the platform.

Since Fanvue charges a 15% creator fee, users get to keep 85% of their earnings which is higher than other platforms like OnlyFans that take a 20% cut.

Fanvue also has a higher single tip limit of $500, compared to competitors like OnlyFans that have a $200 tip limit.

Fanvue’s Standout Features

Fanvue shares many similarities with other platforms such as OnlyFans, AVN Stars and Fansly. However, Fanvue has some features that make it stand out from the rest.

Bulk Upload Via The Vault

Fanvue has a feature called the vault, where you can bulk upload your content at once and access them easily for later on. 

This feature really helps with content management and organization, for example if you have 15 pieces of content (pictures and videos) you want to post over a period of time, just upload them now. When you want to post the content, it’ll be accessible right from your posting dashboard.


Fanvue’s discoverability feature makes it easier for content creators to get seen by other users. This feature works similarly to Instagrams “Discover” page. 

On the Fanvue site, there’s a tab called “Discover”, where you’ll see promo videos from many different creators on the platform.

For content creators this is going to be a very helpful feature since you’re going to have to rely primarily on self promotion to get new fans. You’ll need to promote your account on different social media channels to get the ball rolling.

However getting fans to convert from one medium to another isn’t always easy and Fanvue’s discover feature puts your profile in front of users already on the platform. 

This reduces friction and makes it much easier for new fans to subscribe to your profile.

Promotional Channel Videos

Creators are able to create a promotional video for their profile on Fanvue. The reason why this feature is so powerful is due to the fact that anyone can view the promo video, even users who are not subscribed to your profile.

This gives creators a chance to showcase their content, giving users a sneak peek to what they can find if they join. 

Some users might be hesitant to subscribe to a profile if they aren’t sure of what to expect, so having a promo video is a good way to entice new subscribers to your profile.

Other platforms don’t have a promotional video feature so users either have to create a second, free account or just rely on their profile picture and bio.

Having a free promo video on your profile is very valuable for any serious content creator.

Mint & Sell NFTs

Fanvue has an upcoming feature that allows content creators to mint and sell NFT’s to their fans, directly on the platform. Given the rising popularity of NFT’s, this feature will allow content creators to increase their earning potential by generating and selling unique and limited edition content.

In case you’re wondering, NFT’s are Non-Fungible Tokens, essentially unique pieces of code that signify ownership of an asset. These can be tied to digital media like pictures and videos, making it possible for fans to own content that nobody else has.

Suggest A Feature

Fanvue has an option for creators to suggest new features that can be added to the site. They also run regular polls that creators can vote on, allowing you to have a say in what the next features could be.

There’s not alot of premium social media sites out there that give content creators a say in the future of the platform. This community first approach can help to shape Fanvue into the platform of choice for content creators.

Prioritized Customer Support

Customer support is really important for premium social media platforms. Issues can come up with creators and fans alike, from payment problems to technical issues.

Thankfully, Fanvue has a live chat feature that will have you talking to a real person within a matter of minutes. This puts them ahead of most platforms that rely on a help center and email support that can have you waiting days or even weeks to get a response.

Speaking of a help center, Fanvue also has a growing help center to answer all of your basic questions regarding the platform.

However it’s the live chat that stands out the most, giving Fanvue an edge over the competition.

Pay With Cryptocurrency

Fanvue currently allows creators to withdraw their earnings directly into their crypto wallets and are also working on the ability for fans to spend cryptocurrency on the platform.

What Is Fansly?

Fansly is an online subscription site made only for adult content creators. Like Fanvue and OnlyFans, creators charge a monthly fee for fans to view their profile.

Like Fanvue, Fansly also takes a 15% cut from money earned on the platform.

Fansly’s Standout Features

Below are some of Fansly’s standout features.

Pay With Cryptocurrency

Fansly have announced that they are planning on making it possible for fans to pay creators on the platform using cryptocurrency. 

This is great since it creates another channel for money to flow into the creator’s hands.

Subscription Tiers

Fansly has subscription tiers for content creators, there’s followers and subscribers. Followers can follow your account for free without subscribing. 

It’s like having a free account and a paid account on the same page, saving you the hassle of managing two different accounts.

Content creators can create content and use the tier system to determine who sees what, for example you can upload a photo and set it to be viewable by paid subscribers only

This is a great way to earn new subscribers by funneling them through the tier system.

Adult Content Only

Fansly is a platform made only for adult content creators, presumably due to the fact that most of OnlyFans (their biggest competitor) users are posting adult content on the platform.

Whilst this is good for adult content creators, it’s not so good for other content creators such as artists, music artists, influencers and fitness trainers for example.

If you are not posting adult content you won’t make any progress since you’ll be dealing with the wrong target market

Is Fanvue a Good Fansly Alternative?

Looking at both Fanvue and Fansly, is it safe to say that Fanvue is a good alternative?

Well when you look at Fanvue’s advantages and features, yes it makes a great alternative to Fansly for content creators:

  • Fanvue allows all types of content whilst Fansly only allows adult content
  • Fanvue’s discover feature makes it easier to gain new fans on the platform
  • Promotional videos let other users get a preview of your profile before subscribing
  • Fanvue’s live chat features puts it above most platforms in terms of support
  • Content creators can suggest new features

If you’re looking for a new social media platform to sell content and make money online, Fanvue is a good place to start.

You can sign up for a Fanvue account here

You can sign up for Fansly here

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