Online Business Fanvue vs OnlyFans: Which Platform Is Best For Creators?
Fanvue vs Onlyfans

Fanvue vs OnlyFans: Which Platform Is Best For Creators?

Premium social media sites provide a way for creators to post exclusive content which their fans can view after subscribing to their profile.

OnlyFans is currently the most popular premium social media site, however, new platforms like Fanvue offer features not available on previous sites.

In this post we’ll compare both platforms to see which one is better suited for online content creators.

What is OnlyFans? How Does OnlyFans Work?

OnlyFans is a social media site where creators can charge a monthly fee for users to gain access to their social feed. Creators can also make their page free whilst charging a fee for users to view their posts.

On OnlyFans, creators keep 80% of what they earn with 20% going to the OnlyFans platform. OnlyFans is currently the most popular social media site with a monthly subscription model.

OnlyFans Features

  • Twitter-like content feed 
  • Post videos, photos and audio
  • Go live with your fans via live video messages
  • Pay Per View Messages 
  • Pay Per Posts (for accounts with no subscription price only)

You can sign up for OnlyFans here

What is Fanvue? How Does Fanvue Work?

Fanvue is a more recent social media website  where fans can subscribe to their favourite content creators. 

Like OnlyFans, Fanvue is based in the UK and the two platforms share many similarities, including sharing images, videos and Pay Per View posts.

However, Fanvue only charges a 15% creator fee, allowing creators to take home more of their money. 

Fanvue also provides a superior single tip limit of $500 compared to OnlyFans’ $200.

Fanvue Features

  • Promotional videos – Creators can share promotional videos on their profile
  • Advanced Analytics – Fanvue has deeper insight and analytics tools to help creators identify which types of content performs the best.
  • Better Discoverability – Fanvue has a discoverability feature similar to Instagrams Discover page, making it easier for creators to be found by other users.
  • Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) – In early 2022, creators will be able to mint and sell their own NFTs directly on Fanvue.
  • Suggest a Feature – Fanvue has an option where creators can suggest new features to be added to the site. Fanvue also runs regular polls where creators can vote on the next feature to be implemented.

You can sign up for Fanvue here.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, both platforms have very similar user interfaces. Fanvue and OnlyFans both have a content timeline with a left sidebar menu.

OnlyFans Ease of Use

OnlyFans has a central timeline with a “compose new post” option at the top. On the sidebar you have all the website options including notifications, messages, bookmarks, settings and more. The bottom of the left sidebar has the option to make a new post.

On the right side of the timeline you have a search bar, subscription settings, an option to schedule events and a link to your messages.

Fanvue Ease of Use

Fanvue keeps it simple with a central timeline for users to scroll through the creators content. On the left sidebar you have notifications, messages, fans, settings and more. At the bottom of the left sidebar you have an option to create a new post.

On the right side of the timeline you have your insights, including gross earnings, earnings from subscriptions, earnings from pay per view, earnings from tips and earnings from recurring subscriptions.

How to Make Money 

The main way to make money on subscription sites like OnlyFans and Fanvue is by the subscription fee and Pay Per View (PPV) content. As a creator you’re creating an exclusive space where fans can view content they wouldn’t find anywhere else, in exchange for a fee.

For example, you can create an OnlyFans or Fanvue account and set a monthly fee of $5.99, with additional photos and videos available for purchase via a PPV message sent to all of your followers.

Another strategy is to create a free account and make most of the content on your feed PPV content. You can do an 80/20 split, 80% PPV content and 20% free content for your feed.

Another way to earn money is through tips and if you know how to leverage tipping you can really increase your earning potential by miles. 

This is how tipping works on Fanvue and OnlyFans, everytime you post content, whether it’s a photo, a video or even a piece of text, your fans can send you a tip under your post. Your fans can also send you a tip through the direct messages. 

Now here’s how you can use tipping to increase your earnings on Fanvue or OnlyFans. Creating a tip list, where users can buy additional products from you including:

  • Custom, fan requested content
  • Full length versions of content if you only post previews to your feed
  • Physical goods such as merchandise, signed t-shirts, mugs etc.
  • VIP Membership, with a range of benefits for every VIP month purchased
  • Mystery Box – A bundle of random photos and videos for a set fee

Post your tip list to the top of your profile and send it to all of your fans with the mass messaging feature available on both platforms. 

Fanvue has a feature where creators can filter their published PTV clips in a store-like fashion AVN Star creators will be familiar with to make available for fans to buy, even if they are not subscribed to your profile. This is a good way to encourage new users to subscribe to your account, sell them an exclusive clip so they know what to expect if they become a subscriber.

This also allows you to monetize users who visit your profile without subscribing so I’ll give Fanvue the win for this category. 

How Much Money Can You Earn 

The amount of money you can earn depends on your ability to attract and retain subscribers to your account. 

Whilst OnlyFans lets creators retain 80% of their earnings, Fanvue creators get to take home 85% of their money earned from subscriptions, tips, content purchases and PPV content.

Whilst OnlyFans has the bigger brand name, the content creator and the content being offered is more important when it comes to attracting subscribers. 

For example, if your favourite music artist created a Fanvue account, you would use Fanvue to subscribe to their profile just to see the exclusive content.

To maximise your earning potential, it’s better to focus on marketing your account and creating content that keeps your fans renewing their subscriptions and spreading the word about your profile.

Fanvue is also very similar to OnlyFans in terms of design so getting users to subscribe to your profile shouldn’t be hard.

Both platforms have multiple ways to make money online and there is no limit on how much you can earn.


When it comes to features, both Fanvue and OnlyFans are very similar, you post images and videos to your timeline, receive tips and you can private message your fans.

OnlyFans stand out features

OnlyFans a couple standout features including:


Creators on OnlyFans can post Instagrams style stories on their profile, which is useful for giving your fans a quick update or preview of any content you have released. 

Stories are a quick and easy way to give fans their daily dose of content and they’re temporary, disappearing after 24 hours.

When creators add a story, it will appear at the top of your homepage. You can choose photos or videos and add captions, stickers, overlays more.

Live Videos

Creators can go live with their fans through live videos, this allows you to interact with your fans in real time. Live videos are a great way to connect with your fans since you can speak with them directly and respond quickly to any questions or requests.


Polls are a great way to find out what your fans want to see from you, it also makes your fans feel more involved in your platform which is good for subscriber retention.

Fanvue stand out features

Fanvue’s stand out features include:

Channel Promo Video

Fanvue allows creators to create a promotional video for their channel. Promo videos are a great tool for showcasing what your Fanvue profile has to offer for potential fans. 

This is different to OnlyFans where all content is locked unless your profile is free or someone is already subscribed.

Promotional videos will give you an advantage when attracting fans to your profile. 

Discover Feature

You could have the best profile and the best content in the world, but if no one knows about your profile you’ll never be successful. This is where Fanvue’s discover feature comes in.

Fanvue has a discover feature, similar to Instagrams “discover” page. This will make it easier for users to find your profile, allowing you to potentially gain more organic subscribers.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) & Crypto Withdrawal For Creators

One feature that stands out the most with Fanvue is the ability for creators to mint and sell NFT’s to their fans. This feature is currently in development but when released could be a major game changer.

If you don’t know what an NFT is, it’s essentially a digital piece of content whose ownership can be verified using the blockchain. 

This enables true ownership of your NFT, fans can buy NFT’s (for example a rare photo or piece of art) and possibly sell it later. The creators make money from minting the NFT’s and from secondary sales. 

Fanvue is also building out a feature that will allow creators to get paid in cryptocurrency and to also withdraw their crypto earnings to their personal wallets.

Winner: Fanvue

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support OnlyFans doesn’t have the best reputation, many creators have complained about issues such as slow response times to their enquiries. Some creators have even resorted to contacting OnlyFan via their official twitter account.

Customer support on OnlyFans is done through a ticket system, where you enter your enquiry into a contact form and a team member gets back to you via email. 

The issue with this system is that you could be waiting for days before you get a response. This isn’t the best option if you have an urgent problem.

Fanvue on the other hand has a live chat feature where you can get a response from a team member within minutes. They also have an expansive and growing FAQ section covering the most common questions put forward by creators.

Finally Fanvue has a dedicated development team who quickly fix any technical problems and work to incorporate new features within 48 hours of creation.

For these reasons, Fanvue wins this section.

Winner: Fanvue

Summary: OnlyFans vs Fanvue 

Whilst OnlyFans has the bigger brand name and wider recognition, alternative platforms like Fanvue still have advantages over the popular content creation platform.

Despite being a newer platform, Fanvue’s major advantages are its superior customer support, new discoverability feature, deeper analytics and upcoming NFT minting feature.

If Fanvue comes through with it’s planned innovations, especially the NFT feature, I can see it becoming a major platform in the near future.

Whichever platform you choose however is up to you.

Sign up for Fanvue here

Sign up for OnlyFans here

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